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Top 10 Nonprofit Fundraising Consultants for Every Org

When it comes to fundraising strategy, even the best nonprofits need consultation to set them on the path to success. If your organization is looking to enlist the help of a top tier consultant to strengthen your strategy, look no further than these proven nonprofit consulting firms. Aly Sterling Philanthropy Averill Fundraising Solutions DNL Omnimedia […]

4 Matching Gifts Tips for Large Nonprofits

“Buy one, get one” sales are the best. You can walk into the grocery store for a pint of chocolate chip ice cream, see that they’re having a sale on frozen dairy treats, and walk out with two pints of delicious ice cream for the price of one! Matching gifts are like those sales. You […]

Fundraising Strategy Planning: 8 Factors to Consider

As all nonprofits know, putting together a fundraising strategy is no easy feat. It takes time, effort, and a lot of thought. While “fundraising strategy” can be a broad term that refers to a number of nonprofit efforts, what we’re referring to here is a nonprofit’s generalized, overarching plan for fundraising. It usually accounts for […]

8 Awesome Donor Engagement Tips for the Modern Nonprofit

As technology becomes increasingly advanced, the nonprofit sector is changing rapidly. To stay up with the times, organizations must figure out how to incorporate new technology and communication channels into their donor engagement strategies. It can be difficult to determine how to introduce new strategies into your fundraising efforts and overall operations. Not only will […]

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns: The Basics

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns are one of the biggest trends in fundraising right now. While peer-to-peer campaigns offer many benefits to both donors and nonprofits, many organizations are nervous to try them out a strategy that’s rapidly changing as technology advances. Their hesitancy is understandable. It’s much more comfortable to stick to what’s tried and true. […]

Nonprofit Conference Success: 6 Key Strategies

With so many conferences going on at any given time, chances are, your nonprofit will make an appearance at a few pretty soon. If you are, you’ll need to start preparing. Nonprofit conferences can be small and last only one day or span the course of a week with thousands of nonprofit professionals. Whichever kind […]