Matching gifts are a great tool for turning donors into major givers.

5 Ways Matching Gifts Can Create Major Gift Donors

Matching gifts are a great way to get a double scoop’s worth of donations from your donors and their employers for the price of one. But did you know that promoting matching gifts can also be a great opportunity to transform your donors into major gift contributors?

Check out these five unique ways that matching gifts can help you keep donors and turn them into major gift donors!

1. Matching gifts show you’re a good steward of donors’ funds.

Donors who will stay with your organization over time and make larger donations want to make sure that your nonprofit is making the most of the donations you are receiving.

When you promote matching gifts to first-time donors as well as dedicated contributors, you are letting them know that you are a good steward of their and their employers’ donations.

Donors will see that your nonprofit is taking advantage of all available resources and not just asking them repeatedly for donations.

This results in a trusting relationship which means bigger and more consistent contributions from donors.

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2. Reaching out about matching gifts can make a positive impression on donors.

When you use social media, newsletters, or pages on your website to promote matching gifts, you are sending a message to donors. You’re letting them know that they can make their own donations go further by taking a few minutes to research matching gifts.

When donors see that an organization is only asking them to look into matching gifts instead of their wallets a second time, they are more likely to contribute in the future.

Future gifts might also mean larger donations, so make sure you’re letting donors know about matching gift programs on a variety of platforms.

3. Thank you notes that feature matching gifts can help turn one-time donors into repeat donors.

A donor makes a contribution and has done her homework about matching gifts. She filled out and submitted the paperwork to her employer. You even thanked her for her initial donation!

But, did you know that sending a thank you note to a donor when their company’s matching gift comes in can be a great way to turn a one-time donor into a major gift donor?

Sometimes, matching gifts don’t come in for weeks or even months after the initial donation. A donor might have already forgotten that they submitted a request for a matching gift!

By thanking them for their initial donation and their employer’s matching gift, you can remind them of the impact that their donations are having on your organization and encourage them to donate more next time.

Learn more about writing thank you notes after receiving matching gifts with these tips from Double the Donation.

4. Matching gifts can turn individuals into volunteers.

When donors feel connected to your organization, they are more likely to volunteer at special events that your nonprofit hosts.

While there are multiple ways for your organization to connect to donors, one of the best ways is to promote matching gifts to them. When donors know that you can maximize their donations through gift matching, you’re more likely to capture and keep their attention.

That captured attention can be turned into action during events!

Donors who take time to get their gifts matched tend to be more philanthropically minded and will be more inclined to volunteer at events.

5. Fundraising matches can result in major gifts.

If your nonprofit hosts a fundraising run or walk, encourage your participants to look into fundraising match programs that their employers might offer.

Fundraising matches are a variation of matching gift programs. They differ in that a company will match the money raised by an employee for a walk or run instead of just the employee’s singular donation.

If a donor’s employer offers a fundraising matching program, your nonprofit can benefit not only from having your donor’s contribution matched, but also the donations they receive from pledges. This will result in more major gifts made to your nonprofit.

If you’re looking to transform your one-time, small gift donors into major contributors, try promoting matching gift programs to increase the chances that donors will continue to give to your organization.

While there are a number of other ways to increase donor retention and encourage major giving, promoting matching gifts can be a useful tool in your toolbox.


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