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Top 10 Nonprofit Fundraising Consultants for Every Org

When it comes to fundraising strategy, even the best nonprofits need consultation to set them on the path to success. If your organization is looking to enlist the help of a top tier consultant to strengthen your strategy, look no further than these proven nonprofit consulting firms.

  1. Aly Sterling Philanthropy
  2. Averill Fundraising Solutions
  3. DNL Omnimedia
  4. Clairification
  5. Social Media for Nonprofits
  6. Big Duck
  7. Ignited Fundraising
  8. Joan Garry Consulting
  9. Bristol Strategy Group
  10. Brian Lacy and Associates

Ready to find the right nonprofit consulting firm for your organization? Let’s dive in!


1. Aly Sterling Philanthropy – General Nonprofit Consultation

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Aly Sterling Philanthropy leads the pack when it comes to nonprofit consulting. Based in the midwest, the firm serves notable nonprofits nationwide by developing sustainable solutions. Working with your nonprofit, Aly Sterling Philanthropy will craft a unique plan of action to help your organization reach it’s potential in areas such as strategy alignment and executive search.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy offers general nonprofit consultation.Nonprofit Consulting Services

Aly Sterling Philanthropy offers a wide range of consulting services for nonprofits of all sizes, focusing on:

  • Fundraising. Aly Sterling Philanthropy will work with your team to conduct capital campaign feasibility studies as well as build “sound infrastructure” for your fundraising efforts moving forward.
  • Strategic planning. To strengthen your team’s behind-the-scenes strategy, the firm will conduct an assessment to align priorities within your team and then create a fundraising plan of action.
  • Executive search. Looking to bring in new leadership at your nonprofit? Aly Sterling Philanthropy will help your hiring committee find the right professional for the position and even assist with onboarding.
  • Board governance. Having your nonprofit’s board running efficiently will not only boost your nonprofit’s fundraising success, but also lay the foundation for future growth. Aly Sterling will help your team achieve this with their Board Catalyst program.

When to Use This Consulting Firm

Aly Sterling Philanthropy has a diverse clientele base of nonprofits of all sizes, missions, and histories. If your organization is ready to undergo a bold transformation in your approach to fundraising, they should be your pick!

Why This Nonprofit Consulting Firm Stands Out

One of the ways Aly Sterling Philanthropy makes a name for itself is their Philanthropy Blueprint formula. Designed to be an assessment of your nonprofit’s standing and to provide you with the tools you need to grow, the method offers a truly comprehensive take on the consultation process.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy offers many fundraising consultant services.



2. Averill Fundraising Solutions – Capital Campaign Consulting

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

When it comes to taking on your nonprofit’s next big capital campaign, no other firm can provide results like Averill Fundraising Solutions. With over 75 years of experience counseling top nonprofits like yours, Averill has what it takes to help you realize your most ambitious capital campaign goals yet.

Averill Fundraising Solutions offers several fundraising consultant services related to capital campaigns.

Nonprofit Consulting Services

Averill Fundraising solutions offers an expansive range of consulting services that will meet your nonprofit at any stage in the fundraising process, including:

  • Campaign direction, planning, and feasibility studies.Working intimately with your nonprofit’s leadership, Averill Fundraising solutions will help you plan and execute successful fundraising projects (including capital campaigns).
  • Annual fund direction. Fundraising for your nonprofit’s annual fund is crucial to achieving your team’s long-term mission. With Averill at the wheel, you’re guaranteed to increase revenue, engage new donors, and grow your prospect pipeline.
  • Embedded staffing. Averill offers clients long-term and interim staffing solutions to help ensure fundraising team success over time. In addition, the firm will train staff in industry best practices to set your nonprofit up for future success.
  • Executive search. For nonprofits looking to recruit talented executive leaders, Averill Fundraising Solutions has a proven track record for finding the right professionals for their clients. After selections are made, the firm will stay on to rigorously onboard recruits.

When to Use This Consulting Firm

Averill Fundraising Solutions distinguishes itself as an industry leader by offering a suite of consulting solutions that can set your team up for success in all areas of fundraising, especially when it comes to ensuring capital campaign success.

Why This Nonprofit Consulting Firm Stands Out

Where this firm stands out is in it’s commitment to competitive pricing and confidentiality. Not only are partnership prices based on a flat fee, Averill Fundraising Solutions ensures that intellectual property developed during your partnership will remain secure.

Averill Fundraising Solutions offers a number of fundraising consultant services.


3. DNL OmniMedia – Consultation for Online Fundraising

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

When it comes to online fundraising, DNL OmniMedia is an industry leader. After assessing your nonprofit, Team DNL will work with your organization to eliminate redundancies and minimize overhead by streamlining your nonprofit’s organizational process. At DNL OmniMedia, perfecting your nonprofit’s technical strategy is the key to achieving fundraising success.

DNL Omnimedia offers several online fundraising consultation services.

Nonprofit Consulting Services

DNL’s technical strategy consulting comprehensively addresses areas of your online fundraising including:

  • Database of record, constituent relationship management (CRM)
  • Donation management platform (eCRM)
  • Website and content management systems
  • Social media
  • Communications
  • Reporting and analytics

When to Use This Consulting Firm

Investing in the right software for your nonprofit can be difficult, time consuming, and risky. Even further, once you do decide on a solution, your team may not know how to efficiently implement it. Any nonprofit who is looking to implement a best-fit tech solution should consider DNL OmniMedia their first choice of consulting firms.

Why This Nonprofit Consulting Firm Stands Out

In addition to their technical strategy consulting, DNL offers additional marketing, website development, data migration, and analytics services to nonprofits. With so many areas of digital expertise, your organization can trust that they’ll be able to take your team to the next level.

DNL Omnimedia specializes in online fundraising consultation.


4. Clairification – Nonprofit Executive Coaching Consultation

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

At Clairification, nonprofits can benefit from expert executive coaching to help guide leadership towards better fundraising. With over thirty years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Clairification offers a wide range of training programs to equip nonprofit executives with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Clairification offers several fundraising consultant services related to executive coaching.

Nonprofit Consulting Services

Clairification provides the following executive coaching services:

  • Executive performance assessment
  • Plan of action development
  • Periodic performance check-ins

When to Use This Consulting Firm

Clairification distinguishes itself from other executive coaching consultants by offering a trial version of their services for interested nonprofits. In one of their “Hour of Power” sessions, they offer a streamlined hour of their typical consultation for a discounted, one-time rate.

Clairification serves as an executive coaching fundraising consultant for nonprofits.


5. Social Media for Nonprofits – Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Consultation

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Social Media for Nonprofits prides itself in offering customized solutions for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations of all types. Acknowledging that organizations like these are often stretched thin when it comes to personnel, they provide solutions addressing all sorts of needs, including social media marketing consultation.

Social Media for Nonprofits is a fundraising consultant for nonprofit social media marketing.

Nonprofit Consulting Services

Social Media for Nonprofits offers social media marketing solutions that include:

  • Content creation and curation
  • Community building and management
  • Event marketing strategy
  • Social fundraising

When to Use This Consulting Firm

With their “Tweetchat” service, Social Media for Nonprofits offers to plan, implement, and host Twitter-based conversations with supporters. If your nonprofit is looking to more effectively engage with supporters on Twitter, this service is sure to stand out.

Social Media for Nonprofits provides a diverse array of fundraising consultant services.


6. Big Duck – Consulting Firm for Nonprofit Branding

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Part of getting the word out about your nonprofit’s mission requires having an expertly crafted branding strategy. Without a clear understanding of who your organization is and what you do, supporters simply won’t want to give to your cause. This is where Big Duck comes in. With their proven branding services, your nonprofit is sure to make a statement.

Big Duck offers several fundraising consultant services to guide nonprofits through the branding process.Nonprofit Consulting Services

Big Duck provides branding services to nonprofits that include:

  • Identity development
  • Logo/tagline creation
  • Messaging support

When to Use This Consulting Firm

Big Duck takes your nonprofit’s identity seriously and will work closely with your team to ensure that supporters understand who you are and what you do. Throughout the consultation process, the firm will work collaboratively to develop a sustainable brand that is true to your organization.

Big Duck offers branding services as part of their nonprofit fundraising consultation.


7. Ignited Fundraising – Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Webinar Counseling

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Fundraising can be a hectic business, and quite often nonprofits find themselves with little time on their calendar to set up meetings with consultants. However, just because your team has a lot on its plate doesn’t mean that you have to give up expert consulting. At Ignited Fundraising, they offer a suite of informative webinars to counsel busy nonprofits like yours.

Ignited Fundraising offers nonprofit counseling via webinar.Nonprofit Consulting Services

Ignited fundraising offers nonprofit counseling webinars on some of the following subjects:

  • Storytelling
  • Fundraising
  • Board membership

When to Use This Consulting Firm

Every now and then, all nonprofit professionals need to brush up on some of the fundamentals of working in this sector. For general staff or board members alike, setting aside time in your schedule to participate in an Ignited Fundraising webinar should be a no-brainer.

Ignited Fundraising offers many counseling sessions for nonprofits via webinar.


8. Joan Garry Consulting – Crises Management Consultation for Nonprofits

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Once in awhile, all nonprofits go through tough transitional periods. No matter the size or mission of your organization, roadblocks will pop up that throw you off your fundraising game. With Joan Garry Consulting, your team can get the guidance you need to move through these tough periods and come out the other end better than ever.

Joan Garry Consulting offers several crises management fundraising consultant services for nonprofits.Nonprofit Consulting Services

Joan Garry Consulting works with nonprofits by providing some of the following services:

  • Crises assessment
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Issue diagnosis
  • Plan of action development
  • Optional PoA implementation

When to Use This Consulting Firm

Whether your issues are financial, related to staffing, or reflect a core problem with your nonprofit’s approach to your mission, Joan Garry Consulting will be there to walk you through your crisis and provide a sustainable solution.

Joan Garry Consulting is a fundraising consultant that offers crises management services to nonprofits.


9. Bristol Strategy Group – Nonprofit Consulting for Quick Assessment

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Sometimes, nonprofits recognize that there is a continuing issue in their fundraising strategy but are unable to pinpoint from where it stems. With the expert help of Bristol Strategy Group, your organization and work to identify the source of fundraising roadblocks with their convenient quick assessment “Leaky Bucket” services.

Bristol Strategy Group is a fundraising consultant that provides a quick assessment service to nonprofits.Nonprofit Consulting Services

Through their “Leaky Bucket” services, Bristol Strategy Group will:

  • Identify foundational issues
  • Recommend a path to move forward
  • Email your confidential results

When to Use This Consulting Firm

Bristol Strategy Group’s quick assessment takes only five minutes to complete. If your team needs to quickly figure out what problem you’re facing and move swiftly toward a solution, taking the “Leaky Bucket” assessment will provide you the results you need.

Bristol Strategy Group's quick assessment is a convenient fundraising consultation service for nonprofits.



10. Brian Lacy and Associates – Nonprofit Data Services Consultation

Overview of This Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Keeping your nonprofit’s library of data up-to-date can be difficult. In addition, if your data hasn’t been consistently managed over the years, the idea of getting it in line can seem daunting. Luckily, Brian Lacy and Associates offers a suite of scalable data services to meet the needs of organizations like yours so that your team can get started using your data effectively.

Brian Lacy and Associates consults nonprofits in data services.Nonprofit Consulting Services

Brian Lacy and Associates offers some of the following expert data services:

  • Record updating and correction
  • Data enrichment
  • Data testing

When to Use This Consulting Firm

In order to thrive, nonprofits need to have a clear, informative library of data on hand. Without this, effective fundraising is next to impossible. If your nonprofit feels like you aren’t getting enough out of your data, working with Brian Lacy and Associates can be the cure.

Brian Lacy and Associates consults nonprofits in improving their data strategy.

No matter the problem at hand, there’s a nonprofit consulting firm out there to help your organization solve it. With these diverse options available, your team is sure to find the solution you need.


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